Attention to details, passion and history since 1974. LAS started producing horsemanship helmets but already from the early 80s began producing cycling helmets. These cycling helmets had the same high quality features that LAS wanted to grant to its products and in fact they became soon a benchmark in the professional cycling world gaining great victories with riders who made the history of this sport. Thus LAS contributes to make the helmet something necessary not only for rider' safety but for his style on the saddle. To achieve this point LAS bet on design and quality and all the Made in Italy know how, making its helmets unique and iconic in cycling world. LAS, the pro rider's helmet.

1. Project

Las Helmets - Progetto

Everything starts from a vision and the creativity to give birth to an idea. First drafts are hand drawn searching for the essence and the soul of the leading idea of the product. Drawings and drafts are collected and processed in order to gain the main features that will characterize the final product and that will be its development foundation.

2. Model

Las Helmets - Maquette

Starting from drawings it's possible creating firsts 3d maquettes that show the ipotethical final shape of the helmet, in order to evaluate the final quality and functional features allowing a new process of project details definition.

3 Technical drawing

Las Helmets - Disegni tecnici

Born by ideas and drafts, now the product and its main features have to be renderized by technical drawings that will set the definitive project main lines. The idea grows passing through technical measurement and shape datas drawings of the final helmet.

4. 3D engineering

Las Helmets - 3d ingegnerizazione

After the maquette realization, it's necessary define all the changes in order to achieve all the technical improvements of the helmet and its features both for the production process and for the end user. From technical drawings and the maquette it's possible to realize a 3d render of the helmet that simulates the final product in every detail and functionalities.

5. Molds

Las Helmets - Stampi

Once all elements and details are defined during the engineering process, it's finally time to start with molds tooling. Molds are created starting from the 3d renders of the helmet and its parts, by milling a solid block of steel.

6. Thermoforming and inmolding

Las Helmets - Termoformatura e costampaggio

Starting from flat polycarbonate sheets, the thermoforming process creates the outer shell of the helmet which, during the inmolding process, becomes just one piece with the main EPS helmet structure. By joining these two elements, the EPS and the polycarbonate, it's possible to have a lightweight yet reinforced structure.

7. Assembly

Las Helmets - Assemblaggio

When all the helmet parts are ready, it's necessary to build up them together in order to create the final helmet. LAS assembles every helmet in Italy by hand with a particular details care. That's because LAS wants to obtain a very high end product that contains more than 40 years of quality helmet production know how.