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Attention to details, passion and history since 1974. LAS started producing horsemanship helmets but already from the early 80s began producing cycling helmets.

These cycling helmets had the same high quality features that LAS wanted to grant to its products and in fact they became soon a benchmark in the professional cycling world gaining great victories with riders who made the history of this sport.

Created, designed and Made in Italy

Our design and quality ‘’Made in Italy’’ create a LAS helmets unique and iconic in cycling world.

Everithing starts from a vision and the creativity to give birth to an idea.

Once all elements and details are defined during the engineering process, it's finally time to start with molds tooling.

Starting from drawings it's possible creating firsts 3d maquettes that show the ipotethical final shape of the helmet

When all the helmet part are ready, it's necessary to build up them together in order to create the final helmet.LAS assembles every helmet in Italy by hand.

's cover photo LAS HELMETS updated their cover photo.
The shapes of #Fisico, in the light of sunset.


Franco zanetti
Knight Claudio Minardi loyal user of #xtb helmet by #lashelmets.

Photos from LAS HELMETS's post Camilla Coppini, new Italian Champion Endurance Young Rider 2019!
The Young Venetian Amazon, riding his Antares, wears the helmet signed #Las, model xtb custom.

#LasHelmets è fiera di annunciare che a maggio sarà presente alla prima edizione del GIRO D'ITALIA-E BIKES!
Il nuovo Team Kilocal Selle SMP è composto da 6 ragazze che, durante le tre settimane di gara, percorreranno ben ...

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