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HELMET: External shell in ABS
Ventilation: 8 holes
Coolmax® inner pad with Interpower® and Sanitized® tratements
EASY TURN 3D adjusting system, horizontal and vertical
Clips for lamps
Predisposition for Earmuffs and Visor
Breathable chin band

Homologation: EN 397

EARMUFF CONNECTION:Earmuff interlocking clip with safety screw, projected only for the helmet LAS Pegaso.
Universal earmuff connection (P3E, 30 mm slot).

EARMUFF: Earmuff hearing protection (PPE against noise).
The earplugs offer acoustic isolation, attenuating the noise by 28 dB, at the same time guaranteeing excellent recognition of the human voice, so the warnings of danger are understood.

NET VISOR: Plastic mesh visor for face protectiont. 85 ° rotation and depth adjustment.

For mounting it is necessary to hook it to the earmuffs.

Usable with lens visor mounted on the helmet..


Black, Light Blue, Lime, Orange, Red, White, Yellow


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